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Lead Generation done right. We bring you the right leads, you close them.

Scale your business with qualified leads.

Lead Generation done right. We bring the right leads, you close them.

Scale your business with qualified leads.

Get qualified leads tomorrow!


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Propel your business growth

This is how we will help you scale and grow:

Exclusive leads
We only sell the lead to one customer, you. You will be the only one to have access to the data.

Less than 48h leads
We send you leads every day, in less than 48 hours.


See the ROI
You know exactly what you pay for each lead. By tracking conversion, you can calculate your exact conversion cost.

Collecting leads is what we do

We take care of the acquisition pipeline form start to finish. To collect leads, we create websites and set up marketing campaigns. The data that we collect is sent to you in real time, either by email or web service.

  • You get the data immediately
  • You can personalize the website

The winning method

Without any subscription, we put you in direct contact with potential customers. 

Everything is taken care of
We set up the acquisition pipeline for you, and we create websites and Ads for your product.

Low risk strategy
Working with us carries less risks than with a traditional marketing agency, as you know exactly what you are paying for.

Ready to start?

Who are we?

Lucie Vallée

  • Growth & CRO Expert
  • Specialist in conversion techniques, to create ever smoother experience for users.

Thomas Mouflard

  • Web Analytics Specialist et Data-DrivenDigital Marketing Expert
  • Certified Google Expert
  • Founder of